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Termites can be a big problem, difficult to eradicate, and cause extensive damage which is not covered by many home and business insurance plans.

A Bit About Termites

Termites are small insects which live in large colonies and multiple quickly. If you have seen a termite in your home, it is likely that you actually have thousands. In fact, termites can live in colonies of up to two million.

Termites like to live in dark, secluded places. Typically, they make their homes underground, but they also enjoy the darkness and tight spaces in ceilings, in walls, and in the homes they make for themselves as they burrow into wooden beams, floorboards, and furniture.

What Termites Do

Termites find their way into your home or business through the tiniest of openings. They will find cracks in the foundation of your building which you didn’t even notice were there. They will even find cracks in seals where plumbing and electrical wires enter the building.

After finding their way into your building, termites go to work doing what they do best: eating wood. Termites carry special bacteria which allow them to digest wood, which most other animals and insects do not. They aren’t usually picky about what types of wood they eat, so long as they are able to find a place which will feed their large colonies. Buildings made with wooden structures are like an all-you-can-eat buffet for them.


Termites can cause considerable damage to your building, especially if the building has a wooden structure. They can eat away at joists, creating unstable floors and ceilings. This damage causes floors and ceilings to bow as a result of insufficient support. Over time, it can also cause them to collapse.

Not only are the structures of your floors and ceilings in jeopardy, but so too are your walls and roof. Termites are not picky. They will eat away at the beams which support your walls. They will eat away at your roof trusses, making your roof unstable and unsafe. They will even eat away at your grandmother’s antique dining room table.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

The damage termites do to your building can be dangerous if any important parts of the building’s structure are affected. If a floor gives way or a roof collapses, people can get hurt. Don’t want until someone gets hurt. Have your termite problem taken care of. Since many insurance companies will not cover the cost of termite damage, it is important to have the problem taken care of before you find yourself spending thousands of dollars in building repairs.